Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 110

Saturday, July 16 - Day 114 - Mile 1335.0 - Jim Murray Farm Property

Another beautiful night last night. Guardian left his tent fly off the last two nights and regaled us with reports of how beautiful the full moon was. Buffalo Bobby and I were concerned about a surprise rain during the night which never came. Since we're usually asleep before dark we would have missed it anyway.

We had a good 18+ mile day with perfect weather. It's getting warmer but still pleasant. NJ rocks are still a challenge but soon they'll be NY rocks.

Tonight we're camping on a private farm. The owner let's hikers camp here for free. It's a beautiful spot on an equally beautiful day.

There's a small out building that even ha electric to allow us to recharge electronics so I was, once again, able to call home. Lots happening as usual.

We all had dinner on the porch and retired to our tents for a good rest after today's hike.
Tomorrow we hope to make it to a hostel to clean up and resupply. May be a relatively short day.

Next week we have two opportunities to stop with family and resupply. First in NY at Bear Mountain and then in Connecticut a couple of days later.  That may be the last until mid August in Vermont.

Wonder how the Pioneers did it.
Life is good!
Trolley Stop

Jim Murray Farm

can you believe this place has electricity?

Trolley Stop on the trail in NJ, half way through!

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