Friday, July 1, 2011

Journal Entry # 91

Monday, June 27 - Day 95 - Mile 1085.1 - Shippensburg Road, Big Flat Fire Tower (High Mountain Hostel)

Another interesting day on the trail. We started out hoping to hike a few miles and then get a shuttle into town to clean up. Unfortunately the hotel, which advertised a shuttle really didn't have one. We then called a shuttle service, but they didn't provide shuttle service today. They recommended another service but that service only had a vehicle with a capacity for one hiker. And so it went. We pondered our choices and decided our only option was to hike on today. A bit disappointed we continued up the trail in our 4 day old outfits. The good news is we knew Thursday was for sure going to be a opportunity with Anne and Paul.

About 13 miles into our walk Buffalo Bobby saw a small note tacked to a tree advertising a new hostel just up ahead. We called, they had room and we were able to get a shower, a shuttle into town to get some clothes washed and a McDonalds. To say the  hostel owners  treated us extremely well today is really an understatement. Buffalo Bobby even got to try turtle meat at dinner. Guardian &I declined but the con-census from those who tried it was that it a was good.

We'll stay here tonight and hike to Pine Grove Furnace State Park after breakfast, past the actual AT midway point, the  half gallon ice cream challenge and the new AT Museum.

Should be a fun day. We'll report tomorrow.

Bottom line today couldn't have turned out better...once again.
Lot's of love,
Trolley Stop

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