Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Journal Entry #114

Wednesday, July 20 - Day 118 - Mile 1390.0 - seven Lakes Drive

Today's hike started off well but the heat and humidity after yesterdays similar day finally got to me. After about 3 hours, for the first time, I felt like every once of energy was sucked out of me. Fortunately my hiking partners were not similarly impacted and were able to not only make sure I wasn't left behind, but did everything they could to make sure I was taken care of. Guardian stayed with me as I slowly, with many stops, made it up some steep climbs.  He also provided me with Goos for energy while Buffalo Bobby made me an energy drink with the small amount of water he had left.  The water sources are virtually non existent in NY.

Also very fortunate was we were meeting my niece Loretta, for a pick up at Bear Mountain for resupply. After a couple of calls we decided the better part of valor was to ask Loretta to pick us up at an earlier road crossing.  She arrived with a cooler full of water & soda and all was once again right with the world. Likely  dehydration and not enough food (can you believe it?) combined to stop me in my tracks.

I began to feel much better as we drove home in an air conditioned car with plenty of liquids. What perfect timing for a break!

As soon as we arrived at MaryEllen's house (Loretta's Sister for those trying to figure family connections) we cleaned up and were served a terrific lunch which included too much to talk about but suffice it to say we didn't go hungry. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing wash and relaxing.

My Nephew Rich and his partner Tom came over to visit and we had a lot of fun hearing stories from all as well as sharing tales of our adventure.

We enjoyed some ice cream & snacks BEFORE dinner and then enjoyed each others company over dinner.
It's now bedtime so with my body comfortably fed and hydrated I'm looking forward to another day tomorrow to visit with family before tackling Bear Mountain on Friday with more careful hydration and fuel for energy.

All & all it was a wonderful day despite my brief setback. I'm so fortunate to be able to hike with such wonderful partners. I'm also fortunate to have so many people praying for us. Here I am 118 days into this hike and the trail magic continues to pour out.

Peace, love, joy & hope,
Trolley Stop

NOTE FROM BETH - I love you Dad, don't go turning into a mummy on us on the trail!

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