Thursday, July 14, 2011

Journal Entry # 107

Wednesday, July 13 - Day 111 - Mile 1285.3 (No change - ZERO at the Delaware Water Gap - Presbyterian Church of the Mountain Hostel)

This is our first ZERO since Harpers Ferry. It's a perfect stop as we transition from PA to NJ. My Sister-in-Law, Marion, reminded us there are more rocks to come in New England. (I'll try not to tell Guardian) I do believe New Englanders could learn something from Pennsylvania about how to dispose of their surplus rocks on the trail. In the last 3 or 4 days I don't believe our feet touched soil more than a few times.  There has to be an opportunity for new boot sales in the Delaware Water Gap area.

Today I thought we'd slept in, which would be really novel for us, but Buffalo Bobby was up at 5:30 anyway.  He headed for breakfast at 6:00 with Scribbles. I followed a bit later and joined a full table of hikers for a fabulous breakfast. One of the hikers, Glenn, ordered a second breakfast and was looking around for something to eat back here at the hostel.

This has been another wonderful hostel. Very comfortable.

It's now 7:30 AM and we're relaxing at the hostel before beginning our resupply/laundry/etc efforts.
Bulletin:   Guardian just informed me that our rock climb out of Palmerton and others were mild compared to what lies ahead in New England so the secrets out. No's all good.

Andy, Buffalo Bobby's Son, drove into the Water Gap today to spend some time with his Dad and he shuttled us to get clothes washed, lunch and resupplied.  Andy is the owner of an electrical business in NJ so he had to balance an active work day with taking care of 3 retired hikers in no particular hurry.  Thanks Andy for taking such good care of us.

Well, it's now 7:30 and out last dinner in town is done, last dish of ice cream consumed, 2nd shower in as many days taken so it's time to get some sleep to ready ourselves for the hike out of the Gap and into NJ in the morning.

Wonderful day off but we're itching to try out out repaired hiking poles on the wilds of New Jersey.
Good night,
Trolley Stop

The Water Gap went all out to welcome Trolley Stop!

Home for two nights

Andy, Buffalo Bobby's son.

Relax time at the Hostel

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