Friday, July 1, 2011

Journal Entry # 94

Thursday, June 30 - Day 98 - Mile 1113 - Boiling Springs, PA  - NERO at Anne & Paul Reeve's home

Even though we had a short hike into Boiling Springs, Buffalo Bobby was up and at it at 5:30 AM.

We had a pleasant hike in on another perfect day and just before hitting town we met a couple of ladies who recommended a breakfast place that turned out to be fantastic.

Pleasantly full we called Anne and Paul and Paul picked us up at the ATC office in Boiling Springs.

Boiling Springs is a very pretty small town situated on a renowned fly fishing lake. There's an outfitter in town, but he has no equipment related to hiking the AT even though the trail goes right through town. It's all about fly fishing.

After a delightful ride through scenic Pennsylvania countryside, getting acquainted a bit with Paul, our first stop was Wal-Mart to re-supply then on to their home where we were able to dry out and repair tents, air out sleeping bags on their lawn and sort & repack supplies.  We also had showers, clothes washed, electronics recharged and a wonderful dinner grilled outside with home made potato salad, peach cobbler & ice cream which left us wondering if we had over supplied. It will likely be some time before hiker hunger will kick in again.

Anne, Paul and their Son John could not have treated us more royally. John, who's 11, even gave me an overview of his extensive Lego collection.  Those who know me know my love of Legos. They were all separated in multiple draws by type...a man of my own heart.

We enjoyed sharing stories and spending a very relaxing day together.  Thanks Anne & Paul for opening up your home to us and giving us the gift of this day.

Guardian picked up new boots this morning that Lee sent him so there's Likely no stopping him now.

I know this is getting repetitive...but another perfect day!
Love, Peace, Joy and Hope
Trolley Stop
Trolley Stop in Boiling Springs

Anne, Paul, and John Reeve - Our hosts for a very special day in Pennsylvania


  1. Trolley, I think your calling is to open a B&B in one of your favorite spots on the Trail, or where you feel one is needed, and have an adjunct supply shed nearby. You can have a wall of polaroids of hikers who pass through. Aunt Jane can cook and I'll run the store. You can wash the clothes and Aunt Eileen can play the guitar and sing folk songs. The grandchildren can run the hot dog, toasted marshmallow and smores stations at the campfire. We can call it "The Trolley Stop." -Love Deb.

  2. I like this idea! Rob has always wanted to open up a B&B. We're IN!