Saturday, July 2, 2011

Journal Entry # 96

Saturday. July 2 - Day 100 - Mile 1138.6 - Duncannon, PA - The Doyle Hotel (a trail legend)

Note:  there's a very nice article on the AT in a old National Geographic dated February 1987 (VOL 171, NO.2) titled "Appalachian Trail, Tunnel Through Time - page 216. If you can gain access to it, I think you would enjoy it. The piece is timeless.

Our tent site last night was perfect. We all had a good sleep and headed early into Duncannon. We're just beginning to get an idea of what lies ahead in the way of Pennsylvania rocks. With over 140 miles to go, this should be interesting.

We arrived at the Doyle Hotel about noon and checked in. This is a very old, not to well maintained facility with some decaying charm.

After a shower, lunch and a laundry visit I spent some time in the local library where I found the article above while the other guys napped. About 4:00 PM we were offered a shuttle to a grocery store where we were able to get a Ben & Jerry fix.

We're now relaxing before dinner on the Hotel's balcony. Very laid back day. It looks like it will be a fairly long stretch before we get to clean up and resupply again so we're enjoying this time.

There's a big hikers 4th of July happening here but we'll be long gone. We've met many young hikers along the trail who have been timing their hikes to be here for the celebration.

Dinner's done and we're off to bed to rest for tomorrow's climb out of town and attack on the rocks.

Goodnight all,
Trolley Stop

The Doyle Hotel - a must stop on the trail

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  1. Uncle Trolley...Got that issue of National Geographic for you! I will put it in a safe place...Perfect coffee table book for your B&B..Love you, See you soon. Loretta