Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journal Entry # 122

Thursday, July 28 - Day 126 - Mile 1489.0 - Campsite north of Limestone Spring Shelter
Very restful night last night.

Today we did a pretty long day mostly due to a couple of things. First we became aware of a restaurant near the trail in Canaan  CT but instructions in the AT Guide were not very clear as to how to get there. We likely walked at least an extra mile or so in our search, but we did find it and it was terrific. The second thing that lengthened our day was finding our destination shelter. We found the 1/2 mile trail to the shelter but found it went down several hundred feet. The water source didn't look to promising either. So off we went for another mile or so, found water and a place to camp right on the trail. a good end to a long day.

The day itself was beautiful. Lots of sunshine & relatively cool weather. We had lots of climbing and a couple of rock scrambles. CT proved to be as challenging as all other States but overall somewhat less rocks.

We continue to meet more & more south bounders. Today we met South Paw who filled us in on his hike so far as we were taking a break.

Tomorrow we'll finish CT and begin MA. Only 4 more States to go:  Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  We're also under 700 miles.

Just before turning in tonight we heard a tree fall somewhere in the forest nearby. It made a tremendous noise. So we can vouch for "If a tree falls in the forest...."

Goodnight all,
Trolley Stop

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