Monday, July 11, 2011

Journal Entry # 104

Sunday, July 10 - Day 108 - Mile 1249.3 - Palmerton, PA - NERO - Guests of Sebby & Deb Amico

Up early once more and on the trail by 6:00 AM. Buffalo Bobby took over the lead shortly into the hike and took off at breakneck speed over rock scrambles, up hills and down steep inclines. Guardian was right on his heels. I tried to keep up but figured...what's the point?  We're only hiking 7.7 miles. No need to hurry. Eventually things slowed down and I was able to catch up and try to find out what they were running from.

Guardian said it was Buffalo Bobby's dream of a real breakfast that was his true motivation. He didn't explain why he was right on Buffalo Bobby's heels. I suspect the same reason. I knew that they would wait for me at the trailhead so no worries.

The rocks continued to challenge us even on this short hike. Rumor has it that the rocks will continue well into NJ. Our current schedule has us at the Delaware Water Gap on Wednesday. Loved Pennsylvania but ready to put it in our rear view mirror.

Sebby picked us up at the trailhead at about 9:30 and we were off for a day of R&R. Sebby & Deb live minutes from the trailhead.

We dropped our packs at their home and set off immediately for a wonderful Sunday breakfast at a silver diner. What a treat!  We did not leave hungry.

We then returned to Sebby & Debs home and proceeded to be treated like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that we are.  Their home was turned over to us and we showered, had our clothes cleaned, enjoyed lively conversation about the trail (both are hikers...Deb serious and Sebby a somewhat reluctant participant.  I think we may have a potential thru hiker in Deb but first she has to try a less death defying diving.

Sebby (short for Sebastian) took us to resupply and then we spent the rest of the afternoon resorting & cleaning stuff between delicious snacks and just relaxing and chatting on the back deck.

We finished tonight with generous sandwiches at a local Italian restaurant.

It's once again well past hikers midnight, our hosts have coffee and other breakfast items ready for the morning so I'll say goodnight and thanks for another perfect NERO.

PS:  The scale here shows I've gained 8 pounds!  Go figure.
Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop
Tomorrow's Challenge. Doesn't look to imposing, but it is!

Deb & Sebby Amico - Trail Magic is alive & well!

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