Saturday, July 9, 2011

Journal Entry # 97

Sunday, July 3 - Day 101 - Mile 1156.2 - Spring & Camping area

Violent thunderstorms overnight but once again we were safe and sound in the decaying opulence of the Doyle Hotel Hikers Hostel

Up early for breakfast and on the trail by 6:45.

We hiked out of Duncannon and across the Susquehanna River and then into the woods for a long rock climb.  The day started out overcast and misty but quickly turned onto another sunny day. At the first shelter we heard the harrowing stories of those who tented during last nights thunderstorms.

We took several breaks today including a long lunch break but still got in over 17 miles. There was a big gap between shelters and we knew we needed to find a camping area and more importantly water.  About 4:30PM Guardian found both and we we're set for the night.

We can't believe all the rocks!!!
Once again dinner is done and we're ready for a nice long rest.
Trolley Stop

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