Saturday, July 9, 2011

Journal Entry # 99

Tuesday, July 5 - Day 103 - Mile 1185.3 - Pa 501 - 501 Shelter - Pine Grove, PA

Nice breakfast at the hotel.  We called our shuttle to pick us up early and he was right on time.  We were back on the trail by 9:00AM.

A steep climb out of town greeted us  as usual but then we had some nice level walking before the rocks appeared again. Some spectacular views greeted us toward the end of today's hike

This shelter is enclosed with a solar shower and running water nearby.  There's also an opportunity to order pizza & soda here as there was back at the Partnership Shelter some weeks back.  Of course we did.
The weather has been holding out well for us this week although it's been humid. There seems to always be a bit of a breeze in the woods.

Tonight we broke into the final 1,000 miles. Seems like just yesterday we passed the sign for the first 1,000. Time is moving along quickly!

Hope all are doing well,
Trolley Stop

501 Shelter

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