Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Journal Entry # 106

Tuesday, July 12 - Day 110 - 1285.3 - Delaware Water Gap

20 mile day. We decided to come into the Delaware Water Gap today since we arrived at our shelter too early to stop. Quite a day over the last of the PA rocks but we're glad to be here and not have to face the last 6.1 miles of PA tomorrow morning.

It's great to be moving on into NJ. Tomorrow we're going to take a ZERO so Buffalo Bobby can spend some time with his family and we can clean up and resupply.

There's no doubt that the north part of the trail in PA has been consistently the toughest. Our boots have taken a beating but we all came away happy that we did it.

The combination of a long day for us and the hard trail have combined to make us ready for sleep and glad we'll have some time off tomorrow. The first order of business will be to line up at the outfitters and have our hiking poles fixed. So many of us have broken or bent poles from the rocks. Hope they don't run out of repair parts.

The three of us are all cleaned up and finished with a good dinner. Now it's off to bed.
Love to all,
Trolley Stop

The League of Extrordinary Gentlemen celebrating leaving PA

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