Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Journal Entry # 118

Sunday, July 24 - Day 122 - Mile 1425.3 - Stormville, NY - NERO at Terri & Jon's

The first thing I want to do tonight is thank Jane for hanging in with such great support. Tonight ends 4 months since the start of this adventure...all time that she had to handle the myriad things that go on at home and around a large family like ours on her own.  It's wonderful that we've been able to get together a couple of times, but I know even those trips have been full of handling endless details.  Thanks Kid!

Today's short hike to meet Terri was one of the most humid we've experienced. Thankfully we did some extra miles yesterday to make this mornings hike short.  Even so it was mostly uphill so it took us quite a bit of time with breaks. Fortunately there was trail magic in the form of cokes and fruit, at one point, which helped with our hydration.

Then the real trail magic began...

Terri met us at the trail head with cold water, bananas and even ice cream. We were soaked with sweat so you can imagine what a treat that was for us.

Terri & Jon's daughter Ronnie and her husband Mark were visiting from Portland for the weekend. It was wonderful to be able to spend some time with them both. Terri & Jon also had a host of other family overnight Friday night as they stopped for a break on their way to Vermont.  All and all quite a busy weekend weekend for them!

Despite all that Jon offered to slack pack us tomorrow which is a treat beyond describing to those who haven't hiked great distances with a full pack.

From the time we arrived there was a continuous parade of food starting with a complete breakfast, endless snacks, ribs specially prepared by Mark and finally a steak dinner with all the trimmings.

We all needed haircuts and Terri volunteered to give them to us.  The results were nothing short of professional.

Jon took us around to several stores to resupply and included a stop at McDonalds for shakes.  I'm sure even a 15 mile hike tomorrow won't burn off today's calorie count. Thanks so much Terri & Jon.
By Tuesday we should be done with NY and into CT.  The States are passing by quickly as of late.

Keep those notes and prayers coming in.

Trolley Stop

Mark, Ronnie, and Jon

Trolley stop is the first member of the L.E.G. to get his haircut by Terri

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