Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Journal Entry #58

Wednesday, May 25 - Day 62 - Mile 646.5 - Pine Swamp Branch Shelter

Today begins month 3.

Catawba, VA is our next destination at about mile 700. We expect to take another 3 or 4 days to reach there depending on the terrain.

VA is clicking along pretty well so far. We're less than 370 miles from Harpers Ferry, but don't have a target date yet for getting there. Likely it will be the third week of June or so.

Today we got a shuttle from the hostel to Hardies and had a quick breakfast and got on the trail. We had a big climb out of Pearisburg, lots of ridge running and a couple of additional good ups. Valley views were spectacular today.

The weather was sunny & warm with no rain. We put in a 19.5 mile day and feel it tonight. We'll be recovered in the morning and ready to go. We had hoped to tent tonight but wound up in a shelter.

Trolley Stop

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