Monday, June 13, 2011

Journal Entry #73

Thursday, June 9 - Day 77 - Mile 854.0 - Waynesboro, VA (Jack & Jackie Purcell's home) - NERO

Great night tenting and a short walk this morning to 64&250 - Waynesboro.  We arrived about an hour early but Jack came right out and picked us up at the trail head.

Jack & Jackie's home is absolutely beautiful. After a good breakfast we cleaned up and Jackie washed all our clothes.  We had time and connections to make some calls which was great after being out of touch for over 8 days.  Jack let us use his truck to re-supply and get haircuts. We had great success in town and finished in record time with the use of the truck.

Upon our return Jackie made us a terrific lunch as we sorted out our stuff. Later in the afternoon we enjoyed conversations over a few ice cold beers. They've had more interaction with bears and rattlesnakes then we have had in the woods  A bear actually jumped their fence and dragged their new grill down the stairs and left it in pieces recently.

Then there was the sunset and onset of a thunderstorm with some  spectacular lighting toward the town of Stewards Draft. Dinner was plentiful and delicious. Definitely made a positive dent in slowing down our weight loss. I was surprised I was down about 40 pounds. Buffalo Bobby has had a similar weight loss. Obviously we need to acquire more access to Ben & Jerry's.

All and all a perfect day.  Thanks Jack & Jackie.

Looking forward to meeting Guardian in the morning and beginning our trek through Shenandoah.  Could this be the easy part of VA? Not too many miles left.

Our next big goal is to get to Harpers Ferry, WV during the June 21st - 24th window to meet family and spend a ZERO.

A very good night to all,
Trolley Stop

Picture of the windows on Jack & Jackie's House that look out on the view below

The view!

View from the Deck

My first buzz cut since Vietnam.  (note from Beth: I think Dad looks just like Grandpa Gorey in this picture!)

Jack and Jackie Purcell - WONDERFUL HOSTS!

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  1. Those views are amazing! I think the resemblance to Grandpa is due especially to the weight loss. Dad said Grandpa ate ice cream every night, and as we know, he never gained a pound. Once again, I'm always so happy to hear of your bountiful meal days, like this one at the Purcell's. You sure got a lot done on this Nero! -D&K.