Monday, June 13, 2011

Journal Entry # 69

Sunday, June 5 - Day 73 - Mile 812.5 - Seeley-Woodworth Shelter

Wonderful day. We had a small thunderstorm overnight but the rain stopped before we got up. Our tents were wet, but they're drying out tonight at this shelter camp site.

Trail magic was alive and well today. First Buffalo Bobby came out of the woods to a road where folks were visiting to study the plants. They were just about to leave when they saw Bobby and offered him all sorts of food which he shared with me and two other hikers.

During our hike today we saw a big tree which grew on top of a big bolder. We had to stop and take photos. It was quite amazing.

The hike itself was pretty strenuous with lots of uphill.  Water has become a critical issue. I typically drink 5 or 6 liters a day so we make sure we know where streams are.

Toward the end of the day we were looking for a tent site near water but none appealed so we decided to continue on to the shelter. Turned out there were great tent sites and better yet a large group of boys who go to a wilderness school invited us to share their pasta dinner. We had a wonderful time with them and really enjoyed the meal. I'm all 4 of us thru hikers were able to participate.

At on point today I decided to take in a view and got turned around and starting hiking south. Fortunately another hiker I know, Scrubs, was coming toward me so I realized my mistake quickly. That's the first and I hope last time that happens. I found out just how easy it is especially around noon when the sun is overhead.

Tomorrow morning well take a short hike into Montebello, VA and spend some time at the Dutch Haus. We may do some slack packing on Tuesday and even ZERO on Wednesday. That would be like an extended vacation from vacation.

Well, once again it's hikers midnight so with a full stomach I'll turn in.
Peace & Love to all,
Trolley Stop

Wilderness School Group

The Tree that grew out of a Boulder

Buffalo Bobby and the reverse side of the tree

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