Sunday, June 26, 2011

Journal Entry #90

Sunday, June 26 - Day 94 - Mile 1070.8 - Rocky Mountain Shelters

We had a great night last night. Wonderful sleep and ready to go. After we turned in, both Team Indecision and Steady came in. We hadn't seen Steady since Damascus so it was a wonderful surprise this morning to see her.  Steady has to take a couple of weeks off to have her hearing aids reworked but I bet she'll catch up to us again.

Also had a chance to call home and make sure everyone arrived home safely from Harpers Ferry. They had and all were celebrating our Grandaughter Claire's 9th birthday which is today.

The weather today was again perfect for hiking. We started out at 6:22AM with Team Indecision and chatted with them until we got separated. Maryland threw quite a rock scramble at us as we left the State and crossed the Mason / Dixon line into Pennsylvania. Again today the woods were beautiful.

Tonight we're actually using the shelter since there are no tent sites. It's begun to rain so maybe this will work out well. Again getting water was a hike in itself. We seem to be adding many miles which don't count!

I called Anne & Paul Reeve who have graciously agreed to host us for a night on Thursday and give us a chance to re-supply and clean up. We have been so fortunate all along the trail.  Nothing spurs us on more then good food, clean clothes and a shower.

Now, if I can just learn to stop falling life will be perfect. I haven't set any records in this area but it does get old.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

*Note from Beth to Dad - Yes, please stop falling!


  1. Oh, yes, please do stop falling! I hope it stops raining up here for your New England leg -- it's been relentless! At the rate you're going you'll be here before the summer season ends!
    love, Marian

  2. I will pray to the SURE-FOOTED gods to keep you from falling! Love, Margaret

  3. UR- The NY crowd is hoping we can entertain and re-supply you guys from Bear Mountain..Beds in Bronxville and Crestwood...WE DELIVER TOO! Mary Ellen will pour the wine and beer and I will cook..Love you...Loretta

  4. Nice to actually know where the Mason-Dixon line is, and when it was drawn (1763-67). As Scarlett would say, now you're back among the "dirty yankees."

    Hey does anyone else mistakenly call it the "Adirondack Trail" sometimes? I can't seem to shake that! I love all the Harper's Ferry pictures and am so glad you had a nice reunion with family! Love, Deb & Ken.

  5. Emily, I loved reading your post about your trip to visit Grandpa Trolley Stop and his fellow hikers. He is taking our whole family on an adventure this summer.