Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Journal Entry # 78

Tuesday, June 14 - Day 82 - Mile 919.3 - Rock Spring Hut

I almost hesitate to enter today's activities on the chance that those reading this blog may think all we do is have fun out here.

The day started on a high note for Guardian and me when Buffalo Bobby showed up at 6:00AM unscathed down at the shelter. (Need to see yesterday's update)  He looked danger in the face and survived. Guardian & I had a good night in the shelter due to the cool weather and breeze that kept the bugs at bay.

We started off hiking through some of the most beautiful woods and vistas in the Shenandoehs so far. We we're headed to Big Meadows for lunch, which in itself was to be a big event today. About 8:30 we took a break and realized we could make another restaurant, The Wayside, in time for breakfast if we could get there before 10:30. Nothing motivates a hiker like food. Needless to say we made it and had almost everything on the menu between us. We met several of the usual thru hikers there. Bandit and Catalist were planning a trip to the beach for a day for a ZERO.

Upon finishing our breakfast we continued to hike another mile to the Big Meadows Lodge. I've never been here and was surprised how nice it was. While Guardian & me called home to check on things Buffalo Bobby worked the lobby regaling visitors with tales of our heroic thru hike and giving autographs. If you've read "A Walk in the Woods" this is about as close to Katz as we got at this same stop.

Today was like a fall day and there was a fire in the fireplace...yes only two days after we were in the 90's.
Anyway, we sat around like tourists waiting for a respectable time to have lunch after the big breakfast earlier. It didn't take long.

Lunch was delicious and our waiter, Joe, very attentive. ( Maybe he was just trying to get three smelly hikers out of the dining room quickly).  We had a leisurely lunch and Buffalo Bobby and I finished with a Raspberry Ice Cream Sunday. Guardian held back and admonished us about how much we had to eat today.

Obviously, after only 5 days back on the trail, he still understands the concept of controlling what you eat. Buffalo Bobby and know that if we don't take advantage of these opportunities we'll fade away to nothing.
After lunch we continued a mere 4 miles, treated to more spectacular vistas of the Shenandoehs,  to tonights destination and found perfect tent sites with no dire bear warnings.

So, with bear bags hung we turn in for the night all agreeing this has been one of the special days on the trip...even though we didn't have a shower or washed our clothes.

I believe today we found the Shenandoehs of legend. Tomorrow it's off to Luray to get cleaned and pressed once again.

I know this good fortune can't go on for ever but three months would be nice.

Love to all and keep those notes of encouragement coming in. Every day can't be like today.

Trolley Stop

Trolley Stop and the bear at Big Meadows

Buffalo Bobby loves bears!

The AARP hikers reuinion!  Back together again!

Fire in June

Buffalo Bobby showing restraint so he can have a sunday

Just another rough day on the trail for Trolley Stop
Guardian showing restraint during lunch

Views from Big Meadows Lodge.  A great place for anyone to visit.

Home for the night

Buffalo Bobby finishing up dinner

Trolley Stop - well fed

Guardian returns to his home for the night after getting water from a nearby stream.


  1. You seem to be making quick work of Virginia. I can't believe you'll be halfway before the end of June - AMAZING! Don't waste away to nothing! love Marian

  2. We are watching you transform before our very eyes! Glad the journey continues to bring you pleasant surprises. Did you know you're at the same latitude as Washington DC? Soon you will be in Baltimore! It may all feel like Virgina, but you are passing by other states. You seem to be transforming from a trolly, to lightrail, about to morph into a bullet train. Lean and fleet of foot. Happy belated birthday! Love, Jan & Jerry

  3. Uncle Roger you're looking great! It's been a treat to follow along with your letters. I envy you the vistas but you can keep the bears. Thanks for all the pics.
    Living vicariously through you,

  4. Hi Rog, I bet you are looking forward to walking into Harper's Ferry. Almost half way there. Hope you all have a great party there. Looking forward to the pictures. Love, Eileen

  5. I love your comment about eating just about everything on the menu! Oh how I wish I could do the same - enjoy your journey and keep eating! Love you Terri

  6. Hey Trolley Stop,
    I have enjoyed keeping up with you and Buffalo Bobby through your writing. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I miss the trail and all it has to offer, especially the fellow hikers. I got to meet you two in southern Va. We went to The Palisades Restaurant in Eggleston with my daughter and her boyfriend. I want you to know that I am thinking you you and all the other hikers I got to meet during my section hike last month.
    Bob Hrozencik