Monday, June 13, 2011

Journal Entry # 70

Monday, June 6 - Day 74 - Mile 814.8 - Spy Rock Road - Dutch Haus (NERO)
Thunder storms overnight again but stopped before we got up as it did yesterday. Once again a wet tent was packed and we set off for Montebello and the Dutch Haus B&B.

The short 4 mile hike from camp to a grocery store in Montebello was done about 8:00 AM. We had a bit of breakfast and were offered a ride to the B&B. We arrived too early for check in so Lois, the owner, served us coffee on the front porch as we waited. We had a nice conversation with Almost There, a hiker who needed some medical attention for his foot.

Raypan, Rainbow and Shadow showed up as well as Spins, Hopeful and his wife Diana, Bullet Bob and Possum. Regina, a Trail Runner working for the Forest Service, joined is also.

All our dirty clothes (and boy they were dirty) were taken for washing and we were given bathrobes to lounge around in after our showers.

Lunch was served around noon and the rest of the day was spent drying & cleaning gear, opening our new boots and looking at all the goodies packed in our mail drops. No one will go hungry for a while.

Had a chance to call Jane from the house phone and catch up a bit after a week of no AT&T service.  Still no Internet.

Big news:  Guardian called us here at the Dutch Haus and said he'd like to join Buffalo Bobby and me on Waynesboro and hike with us. It was so good to hear from him. We'll work out the logistics over the next day or so. It'll be a challenge with no service.

Tonight we had a nice bottle of wine on the front porch and chatted with Bullet Bob and Possum. Bullet Bob is a great guy I first met in Damacus and Possum is from Australia and fun to listen to.

That was followed by a wonderful dinner and the a chance to spend some time with Hopeful and his wife.
The evening ended up with Spins doing here fire dance on the front lawn for all.

All and all another great and full day on the trail. May have even put on a couple of pounds.
Tomorrow we hope to get s ride out and slack pack 20 miles back after breakfast. Team Indecision (Raypan, Rainbow and Shadow) will likely join us.

Wednesday is up in the air. We had thought of taking a ZERO but may need to adjust our schedule to try to team up with Guardian.

More news to follow
Good night from a comfortable bed.
Trolley Stop

Dutch Haus
The boots that walked 814 + miles.  Its so nice to have new boots!
Team Indecision - Shadow, Raypan, & Rainbow.  Newly cleaned and pressed

Dutch Haus Living Room

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  1. Save those boots, Trolley: they're going in the family archives! So happy Guardian will join you again. The Dutch Haus looks very homey. Love, D&K.