Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Journal Entry #61

Saturday, May 28 - Day 65 - Mile 694.2 -Four Pines Hostel

Heavy rain again last night and soggy boots and socks today. First couple of blisters came up which slowed me down quite a bit as we went over Dragons tooth and I had to stop to do some blister treatment. We were scheduled to do 13 miles today, but we heard of a hostel called Four Pines. The timing was perfect. The hostel owner Joe could not have been more accommodating. First thing he did was hand us a cold beer, ask for our dirty laundry and show us the shower. We were soaked and we had a big lawn to dry out our tents and stuff.

But... Then it got better...We were going to go to the Home Place for a great dinner, but Joe said he'd take us to Captains. This was a private individual who was having a hiker feast to beat all.

Wow!!! That's all I can say. Captain has a big spread right on a river. Hikers coming off the trail have to use a zip line to get over the river to his yard.

All kinds of food...burgers, hot dogs,  baked beans, soda, beer, deserts and too much else to mention.
Right now were listening to a fabulous blue grass band. Moonshine is making the rounds. Can life on the trail get any better???

Took lots of photos so check them out.  We've met so many of our trail friends here tonight.
What started out as a cold wet rough day is ending up, once again, perfect.

We'll take a "0" tomorrow so we can get to the home place. Too much food tonight to even think of going somewhere else.

Trolley Stop

Our Host, Joe in the red shirt

Stretch and Linz on the way to Captain's in the back of Joe's pick up

Crowd at Captain's

Gail (One of the Chosen Phew!) and Mousey

Ros & PC - two hikers we met on the trail back at mile 25

Zip Line to get to Captain's from the Trail

Gupa - Nice young fellow who spent most of his early hiking days pretty ill, but he never gave up

Prepping for the beer chugging contest

Chug, Chug, Chug!  The record was 2 seconds

Gumby - great fellow

Cold Kettle - his doctor told him to eat more and hike less

Bear bag hanging contest

Tinfoil art

Gail (one of the chosen Phew) and Buffalo Bobby

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  1. Best post so far! And one of those great reminders that no matter how bad things may seem today, tomorrow you'll be at Captain's! "Captain's" should be our metaphor for happiness/nirvana, now.

    I love that band! That bluegrass music predominated in the Appalachians until the Carter family (A.P. Carter) put words to it all, beginning in the 1920s. I'm the Carters' #1 fan. Of course, Aunt Eileen brought a lot of this music to us when she returned from KY. I love "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and "Wildwood Flower" ("I will dance, I will sing, and my laugh shall be gay"). Reese Witherspoon's rendition of this song is beautiful, you can see it on Youtube.

    It's exciting the Trail is such a living narrative. The people and their personal stories, the daily episodes of all the interesting places you encounter, the art, music, and natural beauty, the ever-present goodwill...and moonshine! Dad, such a fascinated student of human nature, would have loved this journey.

    Thanks to Joe, Captain, and I love Gail (One of the Chosen Phew)'s hair!

    Love D&K