Monday, June 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 81

Friday, June 17 - Day 85 - Mile 957.3 - Compton Gap - The north end of the Shenandoah's.  Terrapin Station Hostel.

Today begins week 13.

We had some thunder & lighting with rain overnight but once again it stopped in time to allow us to break camp and start our hike to the Terrapin Station Hostel at the end of the Shenandoah's.

It's now about 12:30, we've showered, clothes are in the washer, a pint of ice cream consumed and wet gear out in the yard drying. This is another wonderful hostel with a terrific owner, Mike, who obviously loves to help hikers.

We had an easy 10 mile hike in this morning. We arrived before 10:30.  We were up and out of camp just after 6:00AM.  Had a bit of rain on the trail but now the sun is out and the day is perfect for drying our tents.
The big event of the morning hike was Guardian & Hopeful, who were hiking together for a while, saw a full grown bear come on the trail just in front of them. Guardian said the bear looked up the trail and then back at them...right in the eye...for a few seconds then took off and disappeared into the woods. This is the first big bear sighting of the trip. No time to take out cameras. Buffalo Bobby and I missed the whole event. Oh well, maybe next time.

This afternoon we'll get a shuttle into town (Front Royal) to re-supply and get a meal but in the meantime we'll just enjoy sitting around reading or telling stories.

Should be a quiet afternoon and evening. Boy, is it nice to be clean!
Trolley Stop

Guardian needs a shave!

Trolley Stop - 8 days of wear and tear removed!


Fire Beard

Terrapin Station Hostel

Drying our sleeping bags and tents

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