Thursday, June 23, 2011

Journal Entry # 86

Wednesday, June 22 - Day 90 - Mile 1014 - Harpers Ferry - (phycological midway point)

Left the hostel early this morning for our hike into Harpers Ferry. Last nights dinner at the Blackburn Center was wonderful. We had lots of good food and conversation about being close to the midway point and what lies beyond.

Team Indecision came in late but made it in time for dinner. It was fun to catch up with them since we hadn't seen them since the Dutch Haus. Swamp Dog joined them in Waynesboro and Rainbow hopefully will join them again soon.

Another good note. PITA, who had to quit due to illness June 8th will be returning to the trail early on July  rejoining his friends at the Delaware Water Gap. He'll make up the section of trail he missed after he finishes in Maine. May catch up to him yet.

The 12 mile hike today was pretty easy and we arrived in Harpers Ferry about noon and went right to the ATC Headquarters where we had our official photos taken and posted in the 2011 book. That was a great have reached this point in the hike. We were able to find out who, of the hikers we knew, made it to Harpers Ferry from the photo album. The ATC maintains photo books for all years they've been doing this so those who hiked before are able to look back.

Buffalo Bobby & Guardian found a nice hostel downtown and my family met me right on schedule.

After a nice afternoon of catching up we picked up Buffalo Bobby & Guardian so we could re-supply and then 10 of us had a fun dinner with lots of laughs and conversation.

The weather was clear and warm. Perfect for the visit.

Steve & Babs, who flew all the way in from Dallas just for an overnight, took lots of photos some of which should be on the blog soon.

Very special day! Thanks to all who traveled so far to make it so.

The day ended, as has been our good fortune on this trip, with lots of happy events to remember.

Tomorrow will be a ZERO so we can sleep in and then take in some of the sights in Harpers Ferry.

Lots of love,
Trolley Stop

Guardian approaches Hapers Ferry

Buffalo Bobby at a familiar site

Trolley Stop - Happy to be in West Virginia

Trolley Stop

Jane and Trolley Stop - almost halfway!

Katie, Emily, Jack (grandkids), Jill (daughter), and Trolley Stop

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