Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Journal Entry #76

Sunday, June 12 - Day 80 - Mile 895.4 - Hightop Hut

Rained overnight so we packed wet tents and headed out of the campground.

Another "easy" day in the Shenandoah's...not.  A few serious climbs kept our hearts pumping. We did  about 14 miles which we're happy about in this heat.

While we were having a late lunch a couple who maintain the hut we are at tonight drove up in a pick up truck. They not only cleaned up the fire pit, picked up any trash around, but also had coolers of cold water, beer, apples, strawberries and cookies which they shared with us. (Even had limes for the beer)

Guardian came in a bit after Buffalo Bobby and me and was greeted with an ice cold water and a beer as well just before they left. Wonderful trail magic!!! Thanks.

Thunder storms are rolling through so we're relaxing in out tents. Even though we did short mileage the heat and humidity take their toll.

Heard last evening that PITA, a friend of Bill & Carolyn England, had to leave the trail due to illness on June 8  He started a couple of weeks before me and I was hoping to catch up with him. We had a great conversation in January about our upcoming hikes. Hopefully he can get well at home and resume. I've enjoyed following his blog.

Trying to dry my clothes between showers so I better see how they're doing.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

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