Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Journal Entry # 63

Monday, May 30 - Day 67 - Mile 710.5 - Lamberts Meadow Shelter

Happy Memorial Day!  Broke 700 miles today.

I know these updates are brief, but know that every day is full of so many events it would be impossible to capture it all. There are always many brief conversations with passing hikers of all sorts, many of which are really interesting. Chance encounters with people just looking to help and a myriad of small surprises around every corner.

Today was a beautiful day to take in the views at McAfee Knob and Tinker Cliffs. McAfee Knob looks out toward Roanoke, VA and Tinker Cliffs are closer to Roanoke. We used to live in Roanoke but never heard of either. To say the views were spectacular would be an understatement. I believe the views today have been the best so far.

We met Gary on McAfee knob. Gary drives an old ambulance and shuttles hikers from here to there. We used him when we went to the Baptist Hostel a couple of weeks ago.  He travels with the hiker "bubble". He was kind enough to take pictures of Buffalo Bobby and me.

After a break there we hiked on to Tinker Cliffs. These are unbelievable. One of most beautiful spots I've seen. These are sheer cliffs that run on for quite a while. They reminded me of some of the castles we saw in Ireland last year by the way the rock just seems to grow on the side of the mountain.

Our hike today, again, was pretty difficult. Mostly up from the time we left the hostel.

It was a great day, but we did finish up taking a wrong direction on a yellow side trail. Neither of us had ever seen yellow blazes. It cost us about a mile of up and down to get back to where we made our mistake. (We weren't the only ones to do this).  Anyway, an extra mile at the end of a long day is a downer.

All is good now.  We're tenting in a beautiful meadow beside a stream & waterfall on a warm & dry night.
My first pair of boots have finally given out and Jane will send me a new pair. Looks like it will take at least 3 but maybe 4 pair to finish.  The hike over Dragons Tooth was very damaging.

Tomorrow we hike to Daleville and take a NERO.  Need to resupply.

Love, peace, joy & hope,
Trolley Stop

Trolley Stop - McAfee Knob

Buffalo Bobby - McAfee Knob

Buffalo Bobby & Trolley Stop - McAfee Knob

Tinker Cliffs near Roanoke

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  1. Beautiful cliffs and views, and I love that picture of you & BB on McAfee Knob!