Friday, June 24, 2011

Journal Entry # 87

Thursday, June 23 - Day 91 - Mile 1014.3 - Harpers Ferry (ZERO day - no mileage)

Beautiful day today for a ZERO. Had a nice breakfast with my Brother Steve and Sister-in-Law Babs as well as Daughter Jill and Grandkids Emily, Katie and Jack. Steve & Babs headed back to Dallas after breakfast and the kids took to the pool for a couple of hours of swimming. I was able to wash clothes sort stuff to send home and repack for the next leg of our journey.

We then took in some of the sites and history of Harpers Ferry, had more good food and, of course, walked a bit on the Appalachian Trail.

During the day we ran into Guardian & Buffalo Bobby who were having a very relaxing day. Guardian said Buffalo Bobby made them both a great pancake breakfast at the hostel. All the Grandkids were very taken with both of these guys and had lots of fun with them.

We finished the day back at the hotel with a nice bottle of wine and a good dinner.

My pack is about ready for our next assault on the trail tomorrow.
Onward to the midpoint!
Trolley Stop

Jack & Grandpa Trolley Stop

Katie, Guardian, Jane, Emily, Grandpa Trolley Stop, Jack, Steven (Trolley Stop's brother), Babs, and Buffalo Bobby out to dinner!

Jack tries on Grandpa Trolley Stops dew rag

Guardian, Jack, Trolley Stop, and Buffalo Bobby

Emily, Trolley Stop, Jack, Jane, and Katie visit the Harper's Ferry train station

Hiking the trail!

Kids taking a break on the trail

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  1. I'm so happy you had a day with your family! And just continue to be impressed with your journey -- both the distance and stamina it takes and the people and adventures. Happy trails.