Monday, June 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 79

Wednesday, June 15 - Day 83 - Mile 934.6 - Pass Mountain Hut Shelter

Plans changed a bit today and we skipped going into Luray and instead finished tenting one mile further at this shelter area.

We had another beautiful day of hiking and vistas broken up by a terrific breakfast at about the midpoint of our hike. Milo joined Buffalo Bobby, Guardian and me for breakfast and we were able to catch  up with what he's been up to. He took a week off to visit family but even so is right with us. He's a strong hiker.  Milo is a chef from Richmond and hopes to open a breakfast/lunch restaurant there when he finishes his hike. Look forward to that. There were lots of packs outside the restaurant so many of us had the same idea. The ability to stop at restaurants is unique to the Shenandoehs so we've been a bit spoiled. We only have two more days in the Shenandoehs and then this will end.

We also saw Hopeful at breakfast and then again along the trail. He's tenting here tonight with us. Hopeful gave a beautiful overview of why he's on the trail to a group of Mennonite boys at a break today.
Because we elected to skip Luray we were a bit short of food but trail magic came into play once one again. Alice & Austin Boyd, a father/daughter section hiking, were finishing their hike and had lots of extra food that they gave us. We had met them earlier in the week the day we had trail magic provided by the hut maintainers.  Perfect timing. Thanks guys!!!

We're still struggling with logistics to get into Harpers Ferry June 22nd but hopefully will work it all out.
All & all another perfect day on the trail.

Trolley Stop

Alice and Austin - Trail Magic!

Lunch Break - Trolley Stop, Hopeful, Guardian, Buffalo Bobby, and Milo

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