Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Journal Entry # 84

Monday, June 20 - Day 88 - Mile 994.6 - Bears Den Hostel

Torrential rain last night but once again it let up so we were able to pack all out wet stuff and get hiking.
We tackled the "Roller Coster" and it lived up to it's reputation. We only did 10 miles but they were enough in the rain with all those wet rocks to slip on.

We're now at the Bears Den Hostel which is a beautiful old private summer residence that was converted into a beautiful hostel in the 80's.  As usual the folks who run the hostel are terrific.  The woman who greeted us was named Hopeful. A recurring name out here. 

have lines to hang our wet stuff, a shower, nice clean bunk rooms, videos, pizza, ice cream, etc.

This afternoon the sun came out long enough for us to dry our things. Once again the weather report was wrong...in our favor.

Lots of familiar faces are showing up (Fred T4, Hobo, Catalyst, Woodstock, etc.).  I'm sure we'll have a full house tonight and lots of opinions about the Roller Coster.  We met a couple of women who said they skipped Pennsylvania because there were too many rocks. I wonder what they call these big hard things all over the ground here? Today's entire hike was over rock scrambles and countless rock filled streams.

Well, it's now 6:00PM and Buffalo Bobby & I hiked about a mile to get a late lunch. Guardian said there was no way he'd hike a mile for a burger after hiking the toughest (although nicest) 10 miles of his life. Guardian enjoyed viewing trees in the old growth forest.

All three of us just finished a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and pizza will be cooked later. Once again we're well fed and holding off our weight loss.

Tomorrow morning we've agreed to sleep in until 7:00 since we have a short day into the Blackburn Center. That means we can stay up past 8:00 this evening.

Time to P-A-R-T-Y!
(We all watched the Appalachian Trail  National Geographic special on DVD and applauded at the end.  Then on to bed...it's 9:00PM)

Goodnight all.
Trolley Stop

Bears Den Hostel

Buffalo Bobby and Catalyst

Guardian dries out his tent

Bears Den living room

The Three Amigos

Our hostess, Hopeful

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