Monday, June 13, 2011

Journal Entry # 72

Wednesday, June 8 - Day 76 - Mile 849.0 - Paul C. Wolfe Shelter area - tenting

Great nights sleep and a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy, OJ, coffee and plenty of water to get us hydrated. Now we're ready to go. Earl, Owner of the B&B, drove us up to Reeds gap and we resumed our trek  north.

Today was the hottest and most humid so far. Fortunately we had adequate water sources along the way.
The hike itself was milder then yesterdays trek over The Priest even with a full pack but the heat made it somewhat difficult. Once again our efforts were rewarded with some spectacular views of the valley. We continue to crisscross the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We're camping again by a stream which is really nice however another hiker pointed out a rattlesnake not too far away. This is the first I've seem. Hope it's the last.

We had a nice dinner and now are resting looking forward to meeting Jack Purcell tomorrow morning in Waynesboro. We should be able to do the short 5 mile hike by 9:30AM to meet Jack as planned. Lack of AT&T service makes any arrangements difficult.  Hopefully tomorrow, with Jack & Jackie's help, well get resupplied and have a chance to make some calls.

Goodnight to all,
Trolley Stop

View from Hump Mountain

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