Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Journal Entry # 59

Thursday, May 26 - Day 63 - Mile 665.0 - Laurel Creek Shelter

I think we did the highest mileage back to back on the trip so far for a two day total of 37.8 miles.

Up early this morning with the goal to hike here today. Whoever said VA was easy hiking didn't hike north out of Pearisburg. The terrain has been pretty rough and climbs seem endless. I've never seen so many rocks.

We came into camp tonight whipped, set up our tents, got water and made dinner. It's now about 7:00 PM and we're in for the night. The last two nights in the hostel and shelter were pretty noisy so we're hoping for a good nights sleep in our tents. The weather is threatening, but it has been the last couple of days without raining. The humidity is high so thunder showers will happen sooner or later.   Think I hear thunder now.

We plan another big day tomorrow. We'd like to get to a restaurant in Catawba that is supposed to be great, but will miss it if we don't get there by Sunday afternoon because they're closed on Monday & Tuesday.
Today we hiked thru endless Mountain Laurel trees in bloom.  At times it seemed as if we where in someone's garden.  The rocks underfoot brought us back to reality.

Love, peace, joy and hope to all,
Trolley Stop

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  1. I looked up Mountain Laurel and I see they are clusters of white flowers that look like small, open umbrellas. Beautiful!