Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Journal Entry # 77

Monday, June 13 - Day 81 - Mile 907.8 - Bearfence Mountain Hut - (halfway through the Shenandoehs)

Beautiful, picture postcard day. Cool breeze blowing, weather perfect for hiking.

Today would have been, had she lived, my Mom's 99th birthday. As a kid I loved to make tents in the backyard out of blankets and stuff until a neighbor gave me a real pup tent. Then I was in seventh heaven. I think she would have enjoyed the fact that at 67 I'm still playing with tents.

Today the Shenandoehs were pretty gentle with us. A few good climbs but a lot of flat. The woods are dense and beautiful. We walked through tunnels of green and blooming plants.

About 1 mile before our destination for today was a camp store which had plenty of junk food and a shower. That made the day even nicer.

Tonight we're tenting again.  Tomorrow I hope to have lunch at Big Meadows with Buffalo Bobby and Guardian.   That will be another treat. A real meal.

We've planned out trip out to Wednesday, June 22, next week  when we hope to be hiking into Harpers Ferry late morning and taking a ZERO on Thursday the 23rd.  Logistics in the Shenandoehs have been a bit difficult.

Harpers Ferry is the traditional halfway point. It's also the home of the Appalachian Trail Conference (ATC). The true halfway point will be about 76 miles further north. We should be there well before the end of June.
Summer will be here quickly.

One last note:  We just heard bear have harassed tenters here the last three nights. Guardian and I broke camp and moved to the shelter despite the bugs. Buffalo Bobby elected to stay in his tent and protect his food. I'll add a note in the morning and let you all know how Buffalo Bobby's night went.

June 14 AM:  Buffalo Bobby survived the night and will continue the hike. All is well.

Trolley Stop

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