Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Journal Entry # 60

Friday, May 27 - Day 64 - Mile 687.5 - Pickle Branch Shelter

Today begins week 10. Time is flying by.

Last night as I finished my note for the blog I could hear thunder in the distance. At about 10:30 a big storm hit. This was the biggest since the first week of the hike.  The good news is that even though we were tenting we stayed dry. That was not to be the case today.

We started out by packing very wet and muddy tents. Within a few minutes of hitting the trail we had two large stream crossings. The streams were swollen from the huge rain fall overnight so crossing was a bit tricky. Buffalo Bobby bounded across with no problem, but I managed to soak my right foot.

Later in the morning we were crossing some very muddy cow pastures and I managed to sink my left foot in above  the ankle so now I had two soaked feet. The good news here is that it really wasn't a problem until late in today's hike. About 5.00PM we had another downpour so at this point we were pretty wet and looking forward to getting our tents up an be able to dry off.

Well, the rain held off just long enough to set up the tent, but not cook dinner.  Guess I'll just have a snack and save myself for the country dinner tomorrow.

This was another long day with out effort to get to the Country Cookout tomorrow night, which is a must event for hikers. We only have about 13 miles to hike tomorrow, but that includes the "Dragon Tooth" which is supposed to be a tough down for hikers going north.

Not sure if well hike out after the dinner or try to find a hostel.
The very best to all,

Trolley Stop

Picke Branch Shelter

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