Monday, June 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 80

Thursday, June 16 - Day 84 - Mile 947.7 - Gravel Springs Hut

Another good hiking day. We had a bit of rain overnight and some today but not enough to cause any problems. The morning was beautiful and we hiked to a camp store on the Skyline drive just 7 miles from camp. We were there by 9:30 and had a nice breakfast, relaxed a bit and hiked on to the shelter area and got out tents set up before the next rain event.

I'm currently in my tent enjoying the sound of the rain. It's mid afternoon and tonight the group of Mennonite boys hiking the Shenandoehs are cooking us hot dogs on their last night camping.  Tomorrow they will finish their hike and return home to Harrisonburg, VA. Still more trail magic.

Tomorrow our plan is to finally get to a hostel and get cleaned up. 8 days in the woods is enough!  We should be there by late morning and have the day to shower, re-supply and clean clothes.

As of tonight we're only 66 miles from Harpers Ferry.

Guardian finished his first full week back on the trail (93+ miles) and is doing great. Today he took the lead before breakfast and Buffalo Bobby and I never caught him. His trail legs are back.

Lots of love,
Trolley Stop

Mennonite Boys make hot dogs for the hikers.

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