Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harper's Ferry Visit, by: Emily Crabtree

Today is the last day of a wonderful weekend with trolley stop in harper's ferry. It was a beautiful drive up to the ATC where grandpa had been waiting for two hours. He was greeted by the five of us who took his picture and were very happy to see him. Back at the hotel, grandpa felt much better after he had a chance to wash up and put some clean clothes on. We swam in the pool and had a wonderful lunch. Aunt Babs and Uncle Steve joined us and we picked up buffalo Bobby and guardian for a trip to walmart to stock up and some dinner. The next day we drove downtown and visited some of the shops and bought grandpa a new water filter at the outfitters. The trip ended all too soon when we dropped off grandpa with buffalo Bobby and guardian so they could get back on their way. The funniest part of the whole trip was when we followed them all the way across the bridge and took what seemed to be a million pictures. I think they were relieved when we stopped shouting, "wait! Turn around and get together!" finally we turned around to leave and the last thing grandpa said was, "if you see any hikers, be sure to offer them a ride." turned out that we didn't see any on the way back to the hotel, but just as we were about to pull in and park, two guys with packs started to head out. We asked them if they wanted a ride and they jumped in without hesitation. Their names were swamp fox and Tongariro bob. We had a nice ride over to where the  southern Appalachian trail picked up, and they set off. Back at the hotel, we ate a nice breakfast and headed home.

Grandma Jane, Emily, and Grandpa Trolley Stop

Buffalo Bobby, Guardian, and Trolley Stop - the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Getting ready to hit the trail


They're off!

That's a big pack!!

Until we meet again

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