Monday, June 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 83

Sunday, June 19 - Day 87 - Mile 984.7 - Rod Hollow Shelter

Happy Fathers Day!  This is one I won't forget soon.

We had heavy rain overnight so we packed up wet tents and just about everything else is wet or very damp. The day is not improving much although the rain has stopped for the moment.

We had a nice hike today. We started early and ended early hoping to be able to dry out but it doesn't look like the weather will cooperate.

We again are tenting so there's a good chance of getting wet again

We re-supplied before we had dinner the other night so we all brought too much stuff. We've been eating like crazy trying to lessen the pack weight. Lunch today was terrific.

Tomorrow we go through the "Roller Coster". This is reported to be a tough section according to those who have hiked it. The reward will be the Bears Den Hostel. Even though we were in a hostel just two days ago it will be nice to get dry again.

Not too much left of the trail in Virginia. Never got the so called Virginia Blues which many of the hikers get because of the long time spent here and the "tunnel" effect of all the greenery.  It was nice though to come out on mountain tops and fields and see the sun.  Many times the woods are so dense that you would hardly know the sun was shinning.

Well, it's raining again so I better bring my wet stuff in.

Hope Fathers Day was fun for all you fathers out there.

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