Monday, June 13, 2011

Journal entry # 67

Friday, June 3 - Day 71 - Mile 774.5 - Matts Creek Shelter

Great campsite last night. Good sleep and ready for another day of hiking.

It was a beautiful day today even though a bit warm.  Mostly nice in the woods but in sunny areas we were hot. We'd cool off by dunking our bandanas every chance we got. At one point we even dunked our shirts. That cooled us down quite a bit.

The usual ups and downs today but the woods are alive with flowering plants and bushes. The vistas of the valley were spectacular. It just seems to get better and better scenery wise.  Took a couple of photos today of the vista.

We're doing big days trying to get to Montebello and new boots. I've been lucky there has been no rain for 3 days and my leaky boots have stayed dry. Just need two more dry days. A fire was just reported about 1 1/2 miles south where we passed just a couple of hours ago. 911 has been notified so hopefully it won't be an issue for hikers coming through there tomorrow.

Our camp site tonight is great. It's right by a stream away from the shelter.  Once again were going to get a good rest.

Big climbs scheduled for tomorrow. Still haven't come across the "easy" part of Virginia. Must be coming up soon!

Goodnight all,
Trolley Stop

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