Monday, June 20, 2011

Journal Entry #82

Saturday, June 18 - Day 86 - Mile 971.8 -  Manasses  Gap Shelter

Had a great might at Terrapin Square Hostel. We were driven into town for dinner where we met Hopeful who was waiting for some friends to pick him up for the weekend.

Today's hike was pleasant enough until the last hill which soaked us with sweat due to high humidity. Doesn't look like we'll dry out since thunder showers are coming through on and off but stuff is up on the line trying to dry nonetheless.

There are lots of day and section hikers out today with the weekend

So tenting areas are full. It was good we arrived early this afternoon and set up. It's 7:00 PM and getting very dark so more rain must be coming. Time to get my semi-dry clothes.

Hope everyone is enjoying this Fathers Day Weekend.
Trolley Stop

Tent Site for tonight

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