Monday, June 13, 2011

Journal Entry #71

Tuesday, June 7 - day 75 - Mile 834.9 - Reeds Gap

Today after breakfast we were shuttled to Reeds Gap where 5 of us started a 20 mile slack pack back to the Dutch Haus. The weather was a bit cooler the predicted but still very humid.

We hiked south over several mountains including The Priest at over 4,000'. In all we hiked up a total of about 7000'

The timing was just what we expected. We started at 8:14 AM and finished at 5:30 PM.

Got in touch with Jack & Jackie Purcell who graciously agreed to have us come by their home for a day and confirmed a pick up time with Jack for Thursday at the AT crossing at 64&250 in Waynesboro.  Looking forward to the chance to resupply.

Also got in touch with Guardian who will join us when we return to the trail on Friday morning.

Busy week.
Trolley Stop

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