Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Journal Entry #64

Tuesday, May 31 - Day 68 - Mile 719.9 - Daleville, Va

Today we only hiked about 10 miles into Daleville and checked into a motel. The temperature was 101 degrees so it was good to get out of our sweat soaked clothes into clean stuff and have a good meal. Even though the temperature was high the woods were much cooler so we really didn't feel it until we hit town.

Had a chance to call home and find out how everyone's doing as well as send blog updates & photos to Beth to add.

Tomorrow we start a 6 or 7 day trek to Montebello, VA where we'll stay at a B&B and get new boots. While a bit of rain would be nice to cool things off, dry weather would be nice for the next week to avoid blisters from wet boots & socks.

Hopefully we're nearing the "easy" part of VirginIa. The first 269 miles have given us quite a run.
Tomorrow we cross the 1/3 point mileage wise. We're likely somewhat beyond the 1/3 point time wise. We should be finished mid September the way we're traveling, but it's much too early to predict with so many variables.

Thanks again to everyone for all your thoughts, prayers and notes.

Trolley Stop



  2. Happy Birthday Trolley Stop! I can see that you are moving right along. Looking forward to your newest posts and pictures. You are looking mighty good for a long distance hiker your age or any age. Love, Eileen

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TROLLEY STOP! Though you have a Trail Name, I think you need a Trail Anthem, and today I am thinking of the B-52s' "Roam:"

    Roam if you want to
    Roam around the world
    Roam if you want to
    Without wings, without wheels,
    Roam if you want to...
    Without anything but the love we feel...
    Take it hip to hip rock it through the wilderness!

    You inspire all of us to live life to the fullest, and we are so lucky to have you as our role model! Much Love and Happy Birthday! Deb & Ken xoxo!