Monday, June 13, 2011

Journal Entry # 68

Saturday, June 4 - Day 72 - Mile 793 (about) - Campsite by a stream

Bear!  Today, shortly after leaving camp we saw two black bear cubs. We were on the trail parallel to the James River, which was on our left and the cubs were up in a tree to our right. Fortunately we weren't between them and momma bear. Very exciting to finally see a bear if only cubs. (no time for pictures...they were too quick getting down the tree.

Shortly after that we crossed the James on a foot bridge and headed up steep climbs (2,700')to some spectacular views. We have a similar climb tomorrow here in "easy" Virginia.

As always we met new hikers...Raypan, Rainbow and Shadow to name a few. They're headed to the same B&B we are Monday.

After 5 full days in the woods the B&B is going to be great to get to.  Trail food has been particularly tasteless this week to me.

Tonight we stopped and made camp by a nice wide stream which we'll be able to listen to tonight. Tented three nights in a row...very nice.

Tomorrow we'll break 800 miles!
The best,
Trolley Stop

Trolley Stop at the Blue Ridge Parkway

Buffalo Bobby on the Blue Ridge Parkway
On top of the world!

Buffalo Bobby - Great Valley View

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