Sunday, June 26, 2011

Journal Entry # 89

Saturday, June 25 - Day 93 - Mile 1051.0 - Raven Rocks Shelter

Month 4 began today.

We had a wonderful day to hike and passed many historic battlefields and other sites including the original Washington Monument and Annapolis Rocks.  It was a bit more strenuous than yesterday and finished with a 1.2 mile hike straight up the side of a mountain to get to the shelter.

We also had a bit of trail magic in the form of finding a cooler on the trail filled with ice cold bottled water, Gateraid and snacks.  As always, perfect timing.

Met a weekend hiker tonight whose training to finish a hike of the Long Trail in Vermont. He was telling us how much harder the AT is in Vermont than Maryland. No problem...we're ready!

The shelter and tenting area tonight are first class. Just built last year, it's one of the best. The only drawback is we had to hike 1.2 miles roundtrip for water down a pretty steep ravine.  After almost a 19 mile hike today, that extra bit took a lot out of us.

We've had dinner and are now ready to sleep...7:00PM

Tomorrow we'll hit the Mason Dixon Line and will be in Pennsylvania. We'll have Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland behind us. Almost halfway there. I'm ready for the ice cream challenge.

Trolley Stop

*Note from Beth: I don't know what the ice cream challenge is, but I know my dad can win it.

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